Friday, February 10, 2012

Health Tips: How To Make a Lowfat Fudge-Like Chocolate Cake!

Disclaimer: I did not make or decorate this lovely cake!
This week I have been enjoying this beautiful chocolate cake a coworker made for me.  And I am enjoying it even more now that I know her secret for a low fat cake that has a nice dense texture!  She made a chocolate cake from a box mix and used applesauce instead of oil.  And while it was hot out of the oven she placed cardboard over it and gently pressed down to compress it. 
It has a great chocolate flavor and a bit of a fudge-like texture.  This cake was so good I never would have guessed it was low fat!  I thought it was a great trick I should share with you all.  What a great looking cake!
Thanks Kathy!

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  1. glad you liked it. Great trick. I dont have to shave a cake down to be flat and perfect. Just compress when its warm. :)