Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reese's Bars

Dear The Foodie RD followers,
Sadly, the hot weather is back.  Although it's hard to complain too much about 90 degrees when last summer it was over 100 degrees for the whole summer, it is still hot enough that I am back to my oven boycott.  So it's back to good ol' no bake desserts for me.  Oh well.

As much as I love a good chocolate chip cookie hot out of the oven, I have a bunch of yummy no bake dessert recipes that have more than satisfied my sweet tooth.  An added bonus of many of these no bake recipes is that they are are even easier than their baked counterparts.  And this one is definitely falls into this category.  As if it couldn't get better, this recipe copycats that delicious flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter you would find in one of the world's greatest candies, Reese's.