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Health Tips: How To Cut 1,000 Christmas Party Calories (Without Starving)

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As the new year approaches, many Americans look forward to next year, when they will turn a new leaf and begin eating healthier.  This determination comes as they hop from party to party, filling up on fat and sipping on sugar.  Why not start eating better now?  Here are a few simple party food swaps you can make during the season to cut out over 1,000 calories each time you deck the halls.

Instead of 2 oz of cheese and 5 crackers: 300 calories
Have: 10 large shrimp with 2 tablespoons of cocktail sauce: 100 calories
Skip out on the fat of cheese and crackers while still getting your protein fix.

Instead of:  5 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons Ranch dressing: 160 calories
Have: 5 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons hummus: 75 calories
Swap fatty Ranch dressing for fiber packed hummus and cut out half the calories.  And you know the carrots are healthy.  

Instead of: 6 Tostitos Scoops with 2 tablespoons Tostitos Smooth and Cheesy Dip: 120 calories
Have: 6 Tostitos Scoops with 2 tablespoons Tostitos All Natural Chunky Salsa: 80 calories
Cut out 40 easy calories by having salsa instead of cheese dip.  And that's if you only have 2 tablespoons.  And if you can stop at 2 tablespoons of cheese dip, you have unimaginable strength!

Instead of 1 cup Chex Mix: 200 calories
Have: 3 cups Orville Redenbacher's® SmartPop! Gourmet® microwave popcorn:  50 calories
Satisfy your salty craving, but get a fiber boost with popcorn.  Popcorn makes a great snack when you are buzzing around socializing.  Orville's is just an example. 

Instead of 1 cup of eggnog: 200 calories
Have: 1 packet no-sugar-added hot chocolate: 60 calories
Lose the fat from the eggnog but still enjoy a little holiday cheer with a packet of no-sugar-added hot chocolate.

Instead of 2, 4 oz glasses of champagne: 160 calories
Have 2, 4 oz glass with half champagne and half sugar-free flavored water: 80 calories
Keep the bubbly but lose half the calories by swapping half of your champagne for carbonated flavored water.  I'm thinking something like the Sam's Choice stuff.  Choose a flavor that compliments the sweetness of champagne such as peach or strawberry. Diet lemon-lime soda could work also.

Instead of 1 slice of chocolate cake with frosting: 540 calories
Have:4 chocolate covered strawberries: 200 calories
Enjoy your chocolate, but with a side of Vitamin C.

Calorie counts come from,,, and my pantry!

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